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USNO registered fullblood Normande bull OBR Firecracker, Quail


Outta Box Ranch has Normande semen for sale.

Fullblood & Polled Purebred Genetics.

Contact OBR for more information on Normande bulls available.

Outta Box Ranch

P.O. Box 151 Hay Springs, NE 69347

406_Bar yrlg Normande bull calf for sale

FOR SALE: USNO Registered  2023 Purebred Normande Bull
Offered by 406 Bar Ranch, Kalispell, Montana

  • Polled Purebred (92.09375%)
  • DOB: 07-31-2023
  • Excellent Temperament
  • A2/A2
  • $2250
USNO US Normande Organization

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U.S. Normande Organization (USNO)

12509 W Whyman St
Avondale AZ  85323





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USNO Members: As a registry one of our goals is to assist USNO members in marketing their Normande cattle.  When you register your Normande(s) with us we consider you a USNO member.  Annual member benefits include:

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  • free classified ads for Normande cattle.

To submit either a breeder directory listing or a classified ad, download, complete and mail or email this form to the USNO office.


ISO Classifed Ads: If you are looking for Normandes we will gladly list your In Search Of request as well. Submit form with your ad, whether a buyer or seller.

MARKETING: Why Normandes are Ideal for Homesteading...

  • The lifespan of Normande cattle is quite productive. This longevity cuts down on herd replacement costs.
  • They reach sexual maturity at an early age and remain fertile for years after, allowing for more calves per cow.
  • They are known for their calving ease, with calves showing excellent vigor.
  • Being ultimate grazers that are incredible feed converters makes them an excellent choice for grass-fed operations.
  • High percentage yield at slaughter, due to their small heads and short legs.
  • The docile temperament of Normandes makes them good draft animals.
  • They have rich milk for cheese production and good growth rate in calves.
  • Ideal for crossbreeding.
  • Colorful hides.

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